Cloud Hosting Providers

Top 5 Cloud Hosting Providers 2016

Cloud hosting continues to grow in popularity among businesses of all sizes. It is often referred to as the hottest trend in the hosting market. Some reports claim that cloud hosting can deliver benefits on par with dedicated hosting, while others point to a competitive advantage. The biggest difference between the two is the price, although hosting solutions do offer a few features that tend to turn the heads of the small business IT manager.

A recent Success 4 Life article focused on the advantages of cloud hosting, especially pertaining to storage, backup, cost efficiency and more. As there is no specific server for the storage of data, unlimited storage opportunities are available. If a number of multimedia objects are present on the website, this unlimited capacity is appealing. This is especially true when cost is a factor as hosting the site is much more economical than supporting it internally.

Because the data is stored in the cloud and not on a disk on one server, it’s much easier to backup and restore information. If a problem occurs, the information is easy to recover and restore. At the same time, integrating with other software can be automated, eliminating a number of time consuming, manual processes that are prone to human error. It also allows for the easy customisation of options to pick the service and applications that best fit the needs of the business.

Cloud hosting is also considered more reliable in many cases as a number of different computers make up the network. If an issue occurs with one computer, it is then compensated by others in the network. Likewise, hosting is easy to deploy, enabling launches in mere minutes. The technology requirements of a business can change this uptime statistic, but the required time is considerably shorter than that of the dedicated option.

Top 5 Cloud Hosting Providers

Here is list of Top 5 Cloud Hosting Providers:-

1. Arvixe : this one is top rating cloud hosting service, Unlimited data transfer and free domain.

  • DDoS Attack Response
  • SAS 70 Type II Certified
  • Redundant Carriers
  • Secured Entrance/Exit
  • Brute Force Detection
  • Network Monitoring
  • Firewall
  • Cloud Server Specs
  • Dual Intel Xeon-Westmere 5670-Hexcore [2.93GHz]
  • Seagate Cheetah 15K RPM RAID 10 Drives
  • Smart CloudSpeed 1000 SSD RAID 10
  • 1 GBPS Uplink
  • Kingston DDR3


All of Our Hosting Packages Come With:
  • Free Solid-State Drives
  • Custom Advanced Policy Firewall
  • SSH Access
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Reseller Access with WHM
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Optional Root Access
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Easily Scalable Solutions
  • Unlimited Individual cPanel Sub-Accounts
  • Domain Name
  • Root Access
  • Enhanced cPanel
  • Ultra Performance
  • Guaranteed Server Resources
  • Multi-Account Management
  • Instant Provisioning!

4. Blue Host

  • Advanced SAN based storage
  • Fully Managed Support
  • Powered by NetApp, Virtuozzo & CentOS

5. Host Gator

  • CPU – 4 Cores
  • RAM – 8 GB
  • Disk Space – 240 GB
  • Bandwidth – 3 TB
  • IP Addresses – 2 IPs (disadvantage)